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About Meta Tags Generator

Meta element (meta tag) is an element or tag in the HTML programming language that serves as a provider of metadata information for web pages. This meta element should be placed in the "head" section of HTML. Some of these functions include meta keywords, robots, and descriptions.

What Are Meta Tags Used For?

Meta Tags are descriptions that are displayed or appear on search results pages. In simple terms, meta tags are descriptions of content. Meta tags will explain to Google the content of your content.

What Meta Tags Should I Use?

Some of these functions such as meta keywords, robots, and descriptions.

What Meta Tags Are Important For SEO?

Meta tags are also one of the SEO techniques. Meta Title and description Therefore meta tags are important to note. You need to optimize it so that your website can appear on the first page of search engines. 

Meta Tag Generator Free

You need to know that meta tags are not included in your content. However, this meta tag is usually located in the 'head' section of the source code page. This meta tag is actually written in HTML which is placed in the header of your website. However, if you do not know HTML, you can use the SEO Check Free to create one instantly.

How To Use Meta Tag Generator 

Meta Tag Generator is simple to use event you not familiar to HTML code. Please follow these steps:

  1. Site Title: Title must be within 70 Characters. It should determine the main idea of your article. The best SEO for the site title tag is to put your main keyword and make it visitor-friendly.   
  2. Site Description: Description must be within 320 Characters, but I suggest putting about 160 characters including space. Write your clear description so the visitors will understand the content easily.
  3. Site Keywords: (Separate with commas) keywords1, keywords2, keywords3
  4. Allow robots to index your website?: Choose yes if you need your URL displayed on search results. 
  5. Allow robots to follow all links?: Choose Yes and the search engine bot will also crawling links on your page. 
  6. What type of content will your site display?: Usually UTF-8
  7. What is your site primary language?: English or any language of your site.
  8. Search engines should revisit this page after: Tell search engine bot to recrawl your URL periodically. Input the number of days.
  9. Write your name as Author.
  10. Click Generate Meta Tags and the script will display generated Meta Tags that ready to copy and paste in your header section on your HTML page.
  11. Use Meta Tags Checker to display your URL meta tags.