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About Page Speed and Performance

Nobody likes the slow page. Even your visitor and Google. Page Speed Checker is a free SEO tool that will analyze your URL and show the speed and technical factors to improve the loads. 

What is page speed in SEO?

Page speed is the score of how fast your page is completely loaded. Google has criteria about speed, a totally slow website page determined by a score of 0 and a perfect speed load with a score of 100. So in SEO, 0 to 100 is the worst to best page speed rank. Other page speed services use different rank criteria.

Why is page speed important for SEO

All of your SEO setting on your page doesn't work if your loading speed in trouble. Visitors are really hated slow website, so does Search Engine bot agents. Search engine like Google will give priority to the high score page speed pages rather than the slower ones. Page speed affects conversion, that why does it matter for your SEO.

Page speed checker tool

There are a lot of page speed checker tools that available for you to measure and analyze page speed. Google, GTMetric, and Pingdom page speed checker are the list of three services as benchmarks. Page Speed Checker, one of the collection SEO Tools from SEOcheckfree is working with Google Pagespeed standard.

How To Use page speed checker

This tool is very simple.

  1. Write down your URL and hit Submit button.
  2. The tool will analyze and display the page speed score. 
  3. You can track some factors to improve your page speed score. 
    • Time Taken in second
    • CSS Links to improve
    • Script Links
    • Image Links
    • Other Resource Links that affected your speed.