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About Terms & Conditions Generator

You can find legal agreements such as the Terms and Conditions on many websites, which detail how companies interact with their users. The Terms and Conditions agreement is uniquely yours, but most agreements commonly see some clauses. It's up to you to set the guidelines to which a user must agree to use your service.

Terms & Conditions Generator, also known as Term of Service and other similar names, clarify that you maintain your legal rights against potential abusers.

Why Website Need a Terms & Conditions

Website terms and conditions are necessary to protect your website and its content. It's a legal document that sets out the rules and regulations for using your site.

Do you know that The GDPR does not require you to have a Terms and Conditions agreement?

But without one, you could be held liable for any damages or losses incurred by your visitors. 

Your terms and conditions should include:

  • A disclaimer that limits your liability in case of damages or losses
  • Copyright information, specifying who owns the content on your site
  • Rules and regulations governing user behavior, such as prohibiting spamming or abusive language
  • A privacy policy specifying how you will use any personal information collected from your visitors
  • including cookies.

Having website terms and conditions in place can minimize your legal risk and create a better online experience for your users.

Free Terms & Conditions Generator For Website

We provide a free simple tool to generate a whole document of Terms and Conditions. It is easy to use event you are not from a legal background or education. 
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