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About Link Analysis Tool

Link Analysis Tool analysis internal link, external link in quality and number. Help you improve your on-page SEO by setting the number links website. To use this tool, input your URL and hit submit button. Link Analysis Tool will count total Links, internal links, external links, NoFollow, and DoFollow Links.

How Does a Links Analyzer Help Me to Increase Website Traffic?

An effective link analysis tool can dramatically increase the productivity of your link-building campaign. Links Analyzer is the ideal solution for webmasters that wish to assess their link popularity accurately. 

How does Link Analyzer Tool work?

Links Analyzer works by navigating to any major search engine and clicking the links Analyzer tab. 

Once you click this button, you will see a display containing the names of the links on the selected pages. The internal and external links analyzer then visits each page and analyzes which anchor text links each page contains. It analyzes which internal and external links the page has. 

The internal link analysis is more efficient because it looks at the text links contained within the page's HTML source code instead of the page's external link.

The external link analysis tool displays the total number of links located on the selected pages. The tool can count the text links of the links individually. 

You can view the number of links in percentage form. The external links analyzer also provides details of which you used keywords in generating the hyperlink.

A link analyzer tool is handy for webmasters wishing to increase their site's visibility in the search engines. 

Link analysis tools offer a lot of information to a webmaster through their rich graphical interface, making it easy for webmasters to analyze their site's link popularity. 

Many of these tools are available for free, while some may require upgrading to get the full functionality. For business purposes, getting an external link analyzer tool that displays the complete details of your link popularity may prove to be a valuable investment.

How To Use Link Analyzer Tool?

If you wish to use the free analyzer, you only have to input the domain names or URLs of the websites whose links you would like to monitor. You may also enter the title and description of the links that you wish to track. 

If you analyze the website yourself, you must keep in mind a few essential things. The domain name or URL should not contain any characters or spaces. All symbols including & should be enclosed in quotes. 

All keywords that are used in the domain name or URL must appear in inverted comas. All the outbound links pointing towards any website not on the trusted search engine list should be omitted from the query.

A Links Analyzer is handy for those who intend to increase website traffic. This type of analyzer helps you identify websites containing poor-quality links and shows you which ones are the most useful. 

For Comprehensive Link Analyzing

Suppose you intend to purchase a links analyzer tool. In that case, you need to analyze the quality of the content, the type of links, the number of outbound links, and the website's popularity before buying it.