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About Broken Links Checker Tool

Broken Links Checker Tool will explore your page/URL to find all links and examine whether they are broken links. To get a good SEO point in link building in WordPress or Blogger base, a link checker is the best tool to ensure your page complies to no-broken-links rules.

How to Check Broken Links Online

A broken link checker for a website is a must-have tool if you want to attract more visitors and boost your online traffic. Broken links are annoying and can even lead to the loss of a potential customer. 

Once a customer visits your website and finds that some links are broken, they will probably leave and head to a competitor's site. This is why it is crucial to have a broken link checker for the website.

Best Broken Link Checker Tool

Many broken link checkers are available, but the best ones will be free to use and are also easily scalable. Most of them work by using the page title to identify broken links. 

These tools are straightforward to install and run. Just enter your website URL and hit the start button to see a list of all broken links. You can even schedule your check to run on a weekly or monthly basis. The main advantage of broken link checkers is that you can compare results between checking tools and choose the one that best fits your needs.

While manually checking each link is time-consuming, a broken link checker for a website will take care of this task for you. It will also allow you to define an exclusion list to identify any links with a particular word or phrase. 

Not Only Check Link on Conventional Way

You can choose to monitor broken links using the YouTube API, RapidShare API, or basic HTTP. These APIs are all widely used today and will help you keep your site up to date.

When searching for a broken link checker for the website, make sure you choose one with the appropriate functionality. A broken link checker will alert you when a link is broken and help you update it. This will prevent dissatisfied users from staying on your site and push your site down the search rankings. 

The properly broken link checker will also alert you to the presence of dead links so that you can update them immediately.

Benefits of using a broken link checker tool. 

First of all, it can help you avoid broken links. By using a broken link checker, you can avoid the inconvenience of a broken link on your site. 

Secondly, it will help you fix your broken links and improve the user experience. By using broken-link-checker for a website, you can improve your site's overall user experience.

Broken Link Checker For WordPress Platform

A broken link checker for a website is an essential tool for every website. If you're running a WordPress blog, installing a plugin that will scan your website for broken links is a great idea. 

Once installed, you'll be able to access it from the Tools menu in your WP admin panel. This tool has many benefits, including the ability to scan a more significant number of sites.

Fixing Broken Links Improve Your SEO

Broken link checkers can help you maintain the credibility of your website by identifying broken links on your website. These are also helpful for SEO purposes. In addition to improving search engine rankings, they also help keep your website's reputation intact. 

A broken link checker for a website will scan your website after any changes you make to it. This tool is an excellent time-saver for webmasters. The program is user-friendly and saves you a lot of time.

Free Tool to repair your broken links

A broken link checker for the website should provide you with a comprehensive list of links. It should also be able to detect missing images, redirects, and other broken links. 

It should also be able to export a list of pages and URLs and export graphs. This tool is free and will notify you of broken links. A free version will give you a summary of all the links on your website and alert you via email.

A broken link checker for a website can scan any web page and provide the results of broken links. Using the broken link checker for a website is a great way to ensure that your users do not get lost. 

Using a broken link checking tool can ensure that your visitors are not leaving your site because of broken links. You can improve the performance of your website and attract more visitors. A good website will have fewer broken links.